Who we are.

WOM Network are leaders in harnessing consumer opinion and generating peer-to-peer advocacy. 

We are community builders, and the gateway to over 3 MILLION Australian consumers every month! 

Connecting, engaging and mobilising your most trusted brand allies, everyday consumers, AT SCALE. And providing them a platform to share their conversations and influence.

We unashamedly place your brand in the middle of real time, real people, two-way conversations to capture and amplify laser-targeted brand advocacy and social proof.

What we do.

We create a groundswell of consumer-led attention by actively connecting, engaging and mobilising our communities.

We unashamedly place your brand right in the middle of real time, real people two-way conversations.

We channel ATTENTION to your brand/products.

We drive ADVOCACY for your brand/products.

We add AUTHORITY to your offering. And at purchase, we AFFIRM and drive.

Our digital communities.

Who we work with.

We have delivered market leading results for leading brands in almost every category in the Australian market.

And our clients come back time and again because we guarantee results and make life simple for them.

Don’t hesitate to ask us to provide Case Studies and client references relevant to your specific category.

We'd love to work with you.

To find out how you can tap into our highly influential consumer audiences, and to request a copy of our Media Kit, just drop us a line.

email [email protected]