Introducing Review Round Up – a collaboration with Network 10 are excited to announce REVIEW ROUND UP; a collaboration with the team at Network 10, to share campaign content from across our channels with the highly engaged and loyal Studio10 audience.
In 2022 review campaigns across the WOM Network will now go even deeper into advocacy and attention via several formats within the Review Round Up suite.
Advertorials, Live Reads, Live Crosses, Product Demos or live in-studio interviews with members. Formats leverage UGC, Reviews, Ratings and footage shot by the Mouths of Mums and ReviewByYOU film crew with members from campaigns.
“They are a brilliant demonstration of leveraging real user advocacy right through the line”, says our Founder and emerging TV talent, Nikki Hills.
And we want to pass on a huge thanks to Nescafe Gold (Plant Based Latte Range) and Peugeot (2008SUV, 3008SUV and 5008SUV) for joining us on our maiden segments.